Feature Request: Show parameter in automation lane.

Good Afternoon everyone,

This feature request is as follows:
Implement feature to allow the user a faster solution to select and show
plugin parameters in appropriate plugin automation lane.

It currently takes 6 clicks plus a headache to search through sometimes hundreds of parameters
depending on density of plugin. Some plugin developers do not always label the parameters the best either
and this makes it near impossible to find. By the time you do find it, your patience is up and musical ‘flow’ has just been broken.

Suggested Solution:
Example: Keyboard button + Mouse click on visual representative (knob, slider etc.) of desired parameter.
Cubase then expands/displays the automation lane for that particular parameter. Total amount of clicks? One. Instant satisfaction? PLENTY!

This is a feature request i feel needs to be addressed for the main reason that as a musician we need
to be able to maintain flow as best as possible. Technical operations should take no longer than they should IMO. Aside from that, software such as Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Studio One etc have had this feature in one way or another for some time now.

I have searched and trailed many alternatives but the only one i can come up with is write enabling the track, press play, move the paramater then delete ‘dummy’ automation but that’s 4+ actions which isn’t much better than 6.

Anybody with me on this one? Maybe the Steinberg team are cool enough to implement this in the next update? :smiley:


sounds greate!
might also be useful if you have 17 x Retrolouque in youre .cpr: to find the coresponding Track…

Please explain further? I’m not quite understanding that.

You’re talking about the to find a “track in a track” = Automation Lane

I would be happy if the focus falls on the plugin I Click,
and you “extend it”: when you click a Knob on a Plugin the focus falls on the corespoinding Automation Lane…

please excuse my bad english…

Yep that’s exactly right! :smiley:

+1 Great idea. Would be a good time saver.

I currently write dummy automation by wiggling the control, I then use a keycommand to show all automation, and I go and look for new automation… But it’s not always so obvious to find.

Yes, also a preference to ‘focus on latest automation lane’ so I can see it being drawn in as soon as I move it.


Yeah, that’d be handy…

That’s how it works in ableton.

  • 1 Great idea!

Would be amazing to have such functionality in Cubase.


Better workaround found…

Open your automation panel and open the automation panel settings (gear icon bottom left corner).
In there you will see an option to “Reveal automation on write”.

This will allow you to move a parameter on any plugin and it will automatically list the automation
lane for parameters that you move.

P.S make sure you’re plugin is write enabled and that you have pressed PLAY! :stuck_out_tongue:

cool, thx!!!

Ah, thanks for sharing! This should be enabled by default. Great feature!

Awesome! Its stuff like this that keeps me coming back to this forum :sunglasses: