Feature request: Shuffle affects automation

Well, this one is quite self describing. I find myself using the shuffle mode more and more when I quickly want to edit pauses in concert recordings and similar things.
Range tool, mark, delete, mark again over the cut and hit X. Smart and fast.
Only trouble is, if I forget to do this before I add some automation, the automation won’t follow the events (yes, “automation follows events” pref is ticked).

Would anyone find this useful?


There’s also a setting for Shared Copies. What do you have it set to?

To start with, I came up with the solution, or workaround maybe, using “Edit->Range->cut time” instead of delete gives the result I’m after.
Still, I feel that the shuffle feature indeed should work the same way, moving automation with events if that pref is set.

I cannot find any relevant setting related to shared copies, a search in the manual makes me wonder if you are referring to the option when flattening an arranger chain? Or the “On processing shared clips” under prefs->audio?