Feature request (simple one)

Hey guys, I have a feature request, that I hope as many of you as possible will back up, since it’s very simple and would make life easier for lots of users.

The thing is, when you go to Devices -> Plug-In Information, under the VST Plug-ins part, all your available VST’s are listed, and you can simply deselect them under “active”, if you don’t want them listed in the menus. Great.
Then, under “Category”, you can see where you may find them in these menus. Why not make that a text variable you can change?

Personally, it took me days to find out that I could just create folders within the default VST folder and move my plugins around, and the menus would obey, but this still calls for trouble:

  • Every time you update a plug-in, you have to delete the old files and move the new ones (while hoping you’re not deleting something you shouldn’t).
  • You can’t move the built-in plugins that comes with Cubase.
  • You can not name a folder with a name already used for a standard plugin folder.

It’s already possible under Cubase -> Preferences -> VST -> Plug-ins, and check the box called “Sort VST Plug-ins Menu by Vendor”, and as such, Cubase already must have the ability to move the plugins around as it pleases. That’s why I believe it would be a rather sample modification, and it would spare heavy VST users a lot of trouble down the road.

When you move a file after installation without updating any (update) path’s in the registry it’s perfectly normal you have to apply changes manually after an installation of an update.
When you install the plug-in in the desired folders from the start, the (3rd party) updater/installer will most likely find the correct location because it created the right update paths on the previous installation.

Sure thing… But that still doesn’t change the fact that this is a really small and simple thing that would increase the ease of use cor power-users…