Feature Request - snap a photo of an external analog synth's patches and auto-save to project

I have recently been discussing, on other forums, analog synths, and more specifically, not being able to save patches, which is, understandably, a function most analog synths cannot have.

Analog synths are becoming increasingly popular. With the use of a USB camera connected to your PC or MAC would it be possible to add, either in a midi track or in the notepad, the functionality to “Take a snapshot”. Whereby the user can point the usb camera at a synths settings and take a picture. The photos/snapshots would then be saved as part of the project.

I would imagine such feature would be very easy to add/implement and would be extremely helpful.

Thanks - J

Welcome to the forum, @joeda44

That is an interesting FR. Hope you don’t mind, I edited the title. hopefully for clarity!

Yes no problem, thanks for your input.

If the built-in notepad only supported pictures, (saved in the project folder) . That would be great not just for analog synth. Also any outboard gear, and microphone placement.


agreed - actually the notepad should support fonts / bold / underlining etc…

not asking for a full word processor but something a bit more featured

I think it would be cool if it were be integrated in External Devices and as a VST snapshot that could be displayed in the mediabays.
@joeda44 do you use the MIDI Device Manager?


Gosh, haven’t used the MIDI device manger for years. I decided years ago to get rid of all my hardware and go in the box. However I then started buying a few choice hardware pieces, mostly analog. Which don’t have the ability to save patches, I love my current rig, but when your not producing, your filing clerk ! And I’m always on the lookout for tools to make that side of things easier.

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I’d still like the ability to add photos to the individual tracks though - @peakae suggestion of microphone placement (and choice), with Mic pre settings would be useful as I always forget to write them down.

Needs to be a really easy way to add them.

Just been informed, there is a VST plug called snapshot that allows you to upload photos. Free too!


I support the idea behind the feature request.

However, I feel strongly about not wanting Steinberg to get distracted by learning how to build image and text manipulation software. All of us would loose. There are already myriads of outstanding feature requests and bug fixes, that call on core-competency in music making software. – So never mind building image and text handling features that will suck compared to what’s generally available out there.

That kind of stuff would be much better served by providing hooks to external editors. Like Steinberg have done in HALion to be able to jump straight to one’s favorite external scripting editors and wav file editors from sensible places inside the HALion UI.

However, a 3rd party VST plugin arguably makes the most sense - assuming Snapshot 2 is any good and/or there are others.

p.s. Maybe the ideal solution might be an external VST (etc. ) plugin that is a gateway to any configurable external documents and media as well as configurable external favorite editors and file location preferences – since everyone uses different filing system and thinks theirs is the only “correct way” of having it. :grinning:

I agree with Nico.

Basic improvements to the text notepad as @Dr.Strangelove suggested would be more than enough.

If one were to go one step further, I would suggest just some sort of rudimentary way to connect directly to Track Pictures - ie, a phone app that -> allows you to see your session track list, choose a track, take a photo with phone - photo appears in track picture.

Agree both that it would suffice & that it would be super useful.