Feature request: Soundcard Setup Detection.

As a cubase user, I frequently swap between using my soundcard and using the onboard sound on my computer. The only problem with this is that I have to manually setup all the output configurations every time i switch.

Is there anyway to make cubase automatically detect what soundcard I have connected, then remember the routing setup I have for each card? at the moment I have to set everything up manually ecah time i switch which is a pain in the b.u.t.t.

Can’t you save the configuration in vst connections?..you’d still have to select the preset but you don’t have to manually configure outputs every time.

Yeah but that’s kinda old fashioned… A modern software should autodetect… Like apple does on monitor setups…

I think there is merit to how Cubase deals with manually switching the ASIO device in software.

Let’s look at your Apple/Monitor example. Plug a different monitor in and the Mac detects the change and switches….but it doesn’t know what settings. It uses defaults. But you can easily see if it isn’t correct and you can then go into the System prefs to make the changes (resolution, brightness, custom profile…etc).

If Cubase were to detect and switch ASIO devices automatically, it would not be immediately obvious if it’s bringing up the correct Connections Preset. Many users utilize multiple Connection presets for the same unit….depending on workflow. It’s one of the reasons why there is a Connections Presets panel in the first place.

Point is: it forces the issue to check the Connections dialog and choose. Opening the dialog sets you in a position to quickly change the ASIO Device and the appropriate Connections Preset selection in a few clicks….and there’s no guesswork.

And then there’d be the issue of dealing with Aggregate devices.

…just saying’.

Definite +1

My onboard sound is entirely useless so I’d rather not have Cubase even think of using it even if it’s the only one available :stuck_out_tongue:
Honestly, even with a 10 second buffer it still can’t play back 2 VSTi’s :imp:


I know, I’ve used it, thanks though :wink:

I hope I won’t ever need it again, if my terratec dies I’ll be getting an mr816 I think.

I’ve actually played live using a laptop and asio4all, worked well enough for that! But nothing can replace the real deal.

Firewire is beginning to go the way of the dino, wonder if Steiny will embrace Thunderbolt ?

asio4all worked fine on my desktop, it’s just that the onboard sound on my laptop is properly rubbish.

Hmm… faster even than a SATA connection. Nice… PC’s are typically behind Macs in peripheral devices. I hope they catch up quick on this one!

It simply uses the peripheral layers that already exist but unifies them for greater utility.