Feature request- sounds


I’m sick of the whole iOS IAA/AU / MIDI routing mess. By the time I get a set up going I forget why I even bothered … and it usually lasts 10 minutes before it crashes.

I just want to stay inside Cubasis where it largely stays running and is all in sync.

But i’d love better sounds… the supplied micro sonic instruments are a bit blah ( sorry, they just are].

Could we please get some world class sounds … perhaps wrapped in a more expressive synth ( eg Alchemy in Garage Band …or a simplified padshop from Cubase ) or not. Just better acoustic and electronic sounds. Multilayered, velocity switched. These days that’s not a big deal to execute.

I’d be happy to pay for sound packs in-app … anything to avoid to mess of half working plugins and useless routing setups.

I want to open Cubasis , go to work and sound great.


Hi ltf3,

So far, we think of Audio Unit to be pretty stable and very useable.
Depending on the instrument(s) in use, there should be near to no issues.
Of course, it is important to keep a good balance between CPU usage and the number of loaded AU instances.

Thanks for the suggestion regarding new instruments and content.


I’d really, really appreciate knowing what AU sound sources you find work well. I have tons of apps but not that many are AU compatible… Moog Model 15, Bismark 16i, iSymphonic… plus the free Roli’s.

Unless I’m missing something an AU plug in is like a direct midi connection and is therefore not multichannel- multitimbral? So multiple instances of instruments seem inevitable.

I’m running on a 9.7 inch iPad Pro ( first version ) and I find the results disappointing. Model 15 eats resources, Bismarck will only run 1 instance ( I want multi - Timbral) , iSymphonic gets crashy and I haven’t felt like splashing out on the Roli sound packs yet… though the free versions seem promising.

So what AU sources are you plugging in to get say, 4 or 5 stable tracks playing different MIDI tracks?

Just need some kind of baseline to work from!

Hi ltf3,

Mostly, I have the iPad Pro 12.9" 1st Gen in use, while our QA is equipped with almost all iPad devices.
Using Cubasis with a manageable number of Audio Unit instruments and effects work absolutely fine in this scenario over here.

Loading an AU instrument or effect, have to be seen similar to launching a separate app, next to the one running.
Depending on the iPad model and AU instrument or effect in use this can result in high CPU usage. Same goes for the overall number of AU instances.

In this regard, Track Freeze alongside the disabled “Unfreeze Deletes Audio Track” setup option should work fie to easily manage CPU issues.

Hope that helps!


All good advice … thanks.

As an aside I purchased a synth yesterday called Kauldron by Yonak specifically because it was AU3 and on sale.

Wow… what a breath of fresh air. I can easily get 6 instances going, then while playing switch between them, edit sounds, change patches… no crashes or glitches. Lovely GUI which goes full screen if I want. With some internal drums added CB barely hits 50% cpu. (Couldn’t get automation for the expression pads but so what?). And everything saves in the project… :raised_hands:

So now I know it can be done. Of course using multiple instances of one app makes for a certain homogeneity in the sound, but my hopes are raised.

Clearly good developers can make very usable plug ins to extend our palettes. However i’d still like Cubasis to offer more sound ware. I mean your parent company is Yamaha right? Not like they are short on samples! Surely a couple of emails and BAM! :wink:

Yeah I know…

I maintain a Google sheet for the iOS AUv3 group on Facebook that should help you identify all of the AUv3 instruments and effects available on the App Store. There is some non-AU stuff on there as well, but it is easy to see which formats each app supports.


Nicely done!

Thanks for the work … l’ll be checking this regularly :smiley:

The best AUs I use:

SynthMaster One - a desktop VST ported to iOS as-is (this is by far the BEST) with 500 factory and 300 IAP presets

SynthMaster Player - currently AU in beta with a ton of factory/IAP presets