Feature Request - spectrogram and loudness view in montage

Hi PG,

In the wave edit window, we have the four tabs for view type - waveform, spectrogram, wavelet, and loudness…

Any chance these tabs could exist also within a montage? Not for editing, but just for viewing. In particular, I would like the loudness tab view, so I can see the loudness display for every single clip in the montage.


Sorry, this is not planned. The spectrum/loudness views are very CPU hungry and would compete too much with the montage’s own graphics, which are also CPU hungry.
This being said, if you have a big screen, you can show a montage and audio file side to side, hence you are not far from what you like. eg. you could have the spectrum display of a clip, by opening the audio of this clip. Here a glimpse of what I am talking about: clip above, spectrum below.

Really, what I would like to be able to do is to quickly view the loudness or the calculated lufs values of each clip at once for easy comparison… either pre or post fx… I can use the meters to calculate each clip, but I can’t see the values of ALL clips simultaneously. Maybe there’s a better way to do this? Not sure if/how…