Feature Request, sub montage path


I work a lot with sub-montages. Usually, the “master” montage is in the root path of the folder, and the sub-montage are in sub-folders.

When I archive (cut/paste the master folder to my NAS) the project, if I open the project later for reference, the paths are lost.
Would it be possible to include an option to save the sub-montage path as a relative path to the master montage, and not absolute path ? Or make WL check the relative path if it doesn’t find the absolute one ?

Or perhaps there is already a way to do that in WL that I don’t know about :slight_smile:


I will have to check this, because this should work the way you expect.


Hi Philippe,

this is still doing that. Did you find something ?

Sorry, I forgot to check. I will raise this issue in my todo list.

This will be fixed in 9.5.40