Feature request: tacet playing technique (text)

Often, in big band charts there are repeated sections where the players only have to play the second (or whatever) time, which is usually written above the stave, e. g. “tacet 1st time” or “play 1st time only”. I’d wish something like this as playing technique (Shift-P).

I would preferably see these “tacets” in the structure with DC DS Coda’s repeats etc
when they are worked on by the team

I just had this come up in a project again and thought “Haven’t I asked about this before?” – and yeah, apparently there is still no such feature. Is this even on the road map? It would be awesome to have this (with playback – or no playback, for that matter).

It’s on the roadmap. https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=143638#p773008

Nice, thanks.