Feature Request: Tell me duplicate cycle marker names on export

On a number of occasions I’ve tried to export files using cycle marker name tags but am told I can’t export as some files don’t have unique names due to duplicate cycle marker titles.

It would be very helpful to know exactly what files are causing the error rather than then having to sift through 500+ labels in the marker window and trying to find where I’ve used the same naming.

I would either like an option to ‘continue anyway’ or for Nuendo to tell me what names are duplicates. If there was a ‘continue anyway’ function the exporter will flag any duplicates as it approaches them anyway and allow me the option to ‘create unique name’. It’s just all very vague and it could save a lot of headaches (appreciating I caused myself the headache by using the same labels on occasion).

just as an fyi, You could also sort the marker track list by Description to find the dupes.

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Yeah I did do this to whittle most of them out but there was one hiding that I couldn’t find for the life of me, over 1000 clips it becomes a headache!

Are you including the marker number in the naming scheme?

No it really is just a case of me being blind/struggling to find one duplicate in a sea of names. Got round it by doing the marker exports in batches, eventually got to the dupe file name where I was prompted to create a unique name at export stage. If we could get this option at the very start rather than not being allowed to export at all it would be nice!

I meant that using the index number of the markers would create unique names for the output files.

Ah gotcha! Unfortunately it wasn’t an option as had a specific character count to achieve with the file names. Plus the dupe name is still lurking after!

I just want Nuendo to tell me what the dupe name is rather than a vague ‘no unique file name’ message, or allow me to export regardless and give me a prompt to create unique file name during the exporting process if that makes sense?

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I was just trying to give a temp workaround – but since the spec you’re to follow requires a specific character count, it’s a certainly sensible FR.

Appreciate the assistance all the same! Thanks

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