feature request: think green when making presets

i’m on the process of re-evaluation of the sonic synths line.
in fact: i just bought the sonic 2 and i like the halion setup a lot also.
maybe as an upgrade :slight_smile:

but… jeez folks.
you definitly need some new thinking on how to make presets.
i know it is every programmers dream to show off with the potential of a system
but i’m able to determine the power of a tool, and i can see the potential in the vsti’s
but what you are doing with the presets is just creating resource drainers that actually do not compete with the competition that drains the cpu in the same way if you look at the sonic result.
i understand why we are getting questions about this on the forum now

an example: i understand that layering two granulars is cpu intensive, but if so, blow me away, and do not drain an exessive amount of resources for just creating a more or less decent sound that can actually be created using far less resources. be creative, like it is the statement for steinberg!

other example: ok… indeed we can layer engines galore with this machine. very very nice. but at the cost resourcewise… so ok… if you do this… then blow our minds… but what a dull kind of presets i find to show the potential…

lots of other examples too, but i’ll go on checking things a little further
but this was such a fact finding issue for me that i couldn’t let this go without posting it.

kind regards,