Feature request: timecode staff

I would like to be able to input conductor specific rhythms in the timecode staff to show fx hit points or click information. Also I would like to attach streamer lines and punches hits.
For timing information I would like to be able to choose on a bar by bar basis how much and what timing information I would like to show. For example first bar of a page I would like duration so far. For example :35.6 and if there is a hit on beat 4 I would like to be able to have :38.2. That also means I would like to define how much and in what format I would like the timecode. SMPTE for bar 1 and duration for hits for example.

As an extra feature request I would like more flexibility in using huge time signatures, condensing and brackets for instrument families so I don’t end up with this attached picture.

If my above request is out of reach it would be nice to position the conductor staff beneath the timecode staff.

Is that possible and still have the time signature start at the Flutes?

My screenshot is how it looks now.
Skærmbillede 2020-04-01 13.01.45.png