[feature request] Toggle switch for local/global tempo

There is a column in the Groove Agent Media Bay if you haven’t noticed showing a “default tempo” for loops to sound like they should.
There is no way to use this local tempo while auditioning loops but instead, Groove Agent is at all times forced to use the global host tempo.
You can’t even use the MediaBay tempos if you run Groove Agent in standalone mode.

This is ridiculous!
We can’t sit there and adjust the global tempo while auditioning all the loops in Groove Agent???
I guess the loops were made at the tempo that’s been entered in the GA MediaBay and that’s the tempo they sound the best at.
Then if I want to use an 85bpm loop at 140bpm or a 190bpm at 65bpm is my problem-
However, there is an original tempo for the loops and that’s what I want to audition them at.
SO …
I’d like to see some kind of toggle switch that lets you use either the global tempo as of now, or the local tempo.