Feature Request: Track renaming key command

I’d like to show this image to the steinberg developers (no, don’t worry, it’s not inappropriate)

bad mouse.jpg

And if, for whatever reason, you prefer to use the mouse and hardly use key commands at all?

Well there is no harm of putting the key command in. It’s a lack of functionality to not have the key command available. Anything you can do with the mouse we should be able to do with keys and control surfaces. Mouse is still there for people who prefer it.

Ah!!! I see!

Yes, the stuff in the toolbar has an effect on how many times you have to hit TAB to get to the name field. I can only get it down to 2 TAB hits to get there after selecting a marker with the mouse. HOWEVER, after you name and hit ENTER, you can move to the next/previous one and hit TAB once and it goes right to the name field.


Thanks for the tip! This will save a few precious moments in my life that I can dedicate again to my kids LOL

Hi CinStudios

Did you know that if you have the Marker List open then every time you enter a marker, the description field for the new marker is selected and ready for you to enter a name by default, which means you don’t need to do anything else other than type your name and hit enter. I discovered this by accident but it’s very useful.

Your kids will be pleased! :laughing:


HA!!! Genius!

My wife, kids, dog and I thank you!! LOL

This is great! I’ve been wanting this feature for some time now and here it is all along.

Cubase forum PREVAILS!!!

I find it humorous that the “tech” staff told me this wasn’t possible…

Can I just add a + 1 to the rename a track key command. It’s amazing that something so often used is missed out?


Please, really need this hotkey “rename track”. Most funny thing that this command was existing in far previous CubaseVST 5/32 version and it was “Alt+N”

+1 from me too

Bump. I want to program Lemur to add a track with 1 button press. You can do it in Eucon as it supports keystrokes but I’m stumped with Lemur. If there were a renaming key command it would be a step…and if anyone has instructions how to do this in Project Logical Editor I’d certainly appreciate it!

In Cubase 9 the Key Command has been added.

The track needs to be highlighted. Then use the key command, and the background behind the track names turns blue, type in the new name, and press tab to go to the next track.

Or, you can double click instead of using the key command.

The key command is in Edit>rename first selected track
There is also a new KC for Edit>edit info line to do the same with the info line.

Worth the install just for these (almost!)

If you happen to be building a large orchestral template, yes.

Something I recently learned through another forum is that the double click to highlight then tab to next track has existed at least since C7.

But I believe a KC has not existed for it until C9.

So, double click with a mouse, or use a KC…up to the user.

Thank you so much for sharing this!

I’m not sure how to integrate it into what I’m trying to accomplish though.
When you add a new track Cubase prompts you to name a track. I have a button that will add a track but I need it to then name it, press ‘TAB’ to change fields then press ‘ENTER’ to complete the command.


Hi, I am bumping this, even though it is eight years old, has anyone found a way to rename a track - or should I say assign a shortcut to - without having to double click it?

All I can find is “rename track version” and that doesn’d do it…