Feature Request: Track renaming key command

When a particular track is selected, there is no key command that allows you to change the name of the track. You have to double click the name of the track in order to edit the name.

Once you’ve double clicked, you can press tab to edit the name of the next track, which is a nice feature, but it’s unfortunate that a mouse is required to get to that point.

You could add this feature to the key commands list as “Edit name of selected track”

It seems like all I ever post about is lack of key commands…Please forgive me. :laughing: I really would like to see Cubase become a mouseless app though… :smiley:

You can use the project logical editor to do that, I think…

While were on the subject of renaming (not to sidebar) it would be great if, when you add a marker, you could then name it without having to click on it, go up to the info line, click the name field, and THEN type the name.

Or an option to turn this on or off. Maybe different key commands to do one or the other.

Been asking for this since SX3.

Jan, if you know how, please enlighten us. I will be your best friend!!! :smiley:

You can create a logical editor preset to rename a track to a specific thing. As far as opening the rename field for editing with a key command… not sure if that’s possible that way.

I did make a macro (loaded with L.E. presets and “move to next track”) to rename all lanes sequentially for my drum tracks. I always do the snare first, then kick, hat, cym, and toms. I can highlight the track (i use lanes for this) and press a key and it renames the takes/lanes “Snare - Kick - HH - Cym - Toms” In that order. To get a different order I’d just make a different macro.

So… if you’re renaming things to the same thing all the time you could make Logical Editor presets to rename them quickly and assign those to key commands.

Hey Jeff, we’re already best friends, ar we not?
Just guessing here, but I’ll check it out later this week for you, no time now…

Easy, select the marker either with the mouse or arrow keys, hit tab and you’re in the description field, hit tab again and you can alter the ID and so on.


Not sure what version you’re using but that doesn’t work in Cubase 6.5 with either markers or cycle markers.

Great request!

The logical editor will not be of use for the purpose of renaming tracks per the OP suggestion is that correct?

I don’t believe the OP meant renaming the same thing all the time.

Of course. I just meant if you have a handful of things you name tracks regularly you could create a handful of renaming shortcuts (Kick, Snare, gutar1, etc.)

That’s strange, I’m currently running 6.0.6, but I’ve been using this method for a long time. Are you on Mac or PC?
I should add that I can access the info line in general with this method, it’s not limited to markers.

I’m on a PC. Tried it several times with new and old projects. Tab key does not go to the name field when I select a marker.

Are you doing it in the marker list view or directly in the track list?

Yea, I want to name them individually and can think of situations where this would be useful. The instrument is ‘selected’ as soon as I create it, so I figure I might as well have a key command to name it. It’s a logical procedure, to create an instrument with a hotkey and then immediately want to name it (with a hotkey).

Do you need a step by step to create the LE preset? PM me and ill show you how if you need :slight_smile:

I’m selecting the markers directly in the marker track.
I found out now that there are different amounts of tabs needed to get the cursor to the info line. If the “Color menu” item is visible in the toolbar you need to tab two times, if the “Locators” item is visible then two more and if the marker track itself is selected then there’s one additional tab before the cursor gets to the right place.

But after I’ve entered the first description in the info line I can hit enter, left (or rigth) cursor, tab and then I get directly into the description field of the next or previous marker.


That would be nice to have the LE preset, but that only names all the tracks to what you specify right? I have many situations where I give random names that I don’t reuse a lot, like for sound design or synths that have weird names, so thats why i like to name them individually.

Ah!!! I see!

Yes, the stuff in the toolbar has an effect on how many times you have to hit TAB to get to the name field. I can only get it down to 2 TAB hits to get there after selecting a marker with the mouse. HOWEVER, after you name and hit ENTER, you can move to the next/previous one and hit TAB once and it goes right to the name field.


Thanks for the tip! This will save a few precious moments in my life that I can dedicate again to my kids LOL

I thought I was the only one who was hoping for this. This command was there in Cubase VST, and I don’t know why they had to remove it. :frowning:

yeah, it’s still room to have that and other renaming commands in Cubase 7? :wink: That would bring Cubase a lot closer to “mouse free” so:



Back OT, YES I’d like a track rename key command!