Feature request - using two/three finger gestures for clip editing

Hi :wave:
I’ve got an idea to discuss - are You familiar with procreate gestures? This app pushes ipad workflow to maximum, You do most of your work with simple gestures there, its super intuitive, fast and… fun.

What if Cubasis had such ability when working with clips? For example:
Two finger swipe down - cut
Two finger swipe left / right - trim left / right
Three finger swipe left / right - adjust fade in / fade out
Two finger swipe up - erase
Three finger swipe up - copy or duplicate
Three finger swipe down - paste

Long press / hold finger - select tool

With feature like this - no doubt working with clips on Cubasis would be way waaaaay faster, than switching between button like we do now.

What do You think about this? :wink: