Feature Request V3 regarding horizontal adjustment

Hello Dev. Team,
I’d like to make a few requests regarding horizontal adjustments in engrave mode in the upcoming version:

1.) I would like it if the subsidiary (circular) handles would appear up near the square handles. I frequently run into issues where the circular handle is on the center line and so are the notes I’m trying to adjust. When transcribing chant, when you have multiple notes to indicate longer rhythm that all need to be nudged together, the handles literally cover up the gap and you can’t see what you’re doing. This requires exiting back out and back in sometimes and it gets to be rather tedious.

2.) We’ve discussed elsewhere on the forum that it can be difficult to make adjustments to lyrics in tight spacing without throwing your whole line off since Dorico will then try to help you by recalculating the spacing. I wonder if a potential solution would be to allow lyrics to be nudge-able in the horizontal adjustment mode. Perhaps you could allow the spacing algorithm to do it’s thing just like normal, and then allow users to adjust lyrics horizontally relative to the column as a whole with the spacing tool turned on as a separate function. In the regular nudging (aka- current functionality) tweaking things would behave the same and allow the whole column to shift and Dorico to do its math; in horizontal spacing mode you could adjust just relative to that single column without the columns shifting. This is, in a way, an inversion of the way things work with shift+X text: shift+X text would move around if you moved the notehead to which it is attached left or right. You can adjust that text relative to the notehead, then move the note and it moves too. My idea would, in essence, reverse that same functionality.

Hello again,
I have another feature request:

Scenario: broken / split measures for hymnody are not uncommon. Rather than have the first word of a phrase at the end of the preceding line, I like to split the measure and bump that note down to the next line as this makes the music more coherent and the text is easier to read. The problem is, when you go to work on the fine spacing required for setting such densely populated text, you loose the handles at the ends of lines. I would love it if a handle could still be available at the ends of staves whenever a measure is split; this permits you to drag the right side closer to the margins to spread the notes out and allow the text to breathe.

The second line is a great example. While this particular line isn’t cluttered by any means, as it stands now I do not even have the option of minimizing the huge space after the final half note.

As always, thanks, and I appreciate your time!