FEATURE REQUEST - VERY CRITICAL(default directory exporting)

I would like to suggest that the export window automatically assume the export will be in the project audio folder. I would also suggest there be a checkbox underneath the “path” field that says “use current project audio folder”. When checked, this checkbox should automatically overwrite anything in the “path” field with the path to the current project audio folder.

I just made a major mistake when exporting a track. After setting everything in the export window up (almost everything), Cubase told me the file already existed, and I figured fine - because I’m creating a new one. I clicked “overwrite”. Well, it just so happened that Cubase was looking in another project file audio folder - and there was a file there with the exact same name!!! So it overwrote one of my tracks from a different project!!!

This is very annoying. When I select export audio, Cubase should automatically assume it’s going to be the current project file. Instead, it assumes it’s going to be the audio folder of the last project that was exported. This is VERY VERY bad behavior and it should be fixed.

+100 nothing to add. This is really, really wierd in Cubase.

Aloha t,

While I get what you mean, with my workflow
I personally would never export to the project folder.

The way the ‘Export Window’ is set now works great for me but I can see where
having a global preference/option that could be set by each individual
user would be really kool.


The reason I export to the project audio folder is because I am constantly bouncing things… in order to free up CPU, or in order to print things that were processed through hardware inserts, etc. Sometimes I do mixdowns of particular tracks to use for sidechain controls, etc. This is a constant thing for me - not occasional.

All the solution would require, is a checkbox in the export window as detailed above… I check the box, it automatically overwrites the “path” field with the path to the current project audio folder.

I´m maybe misunderstanding, but that´s possible in C5 already by clicking the “path options” in the export dialogue…!?
Export path.jpg

Awesome… thank you. I see the little drop-down arrow now that gives the option for “Use Project Audio Folder”.

STILL, I REALLY REALLY think it should be an option to have Cubase automatically default to the project audio folder.

Wasn´t it something like that in earlier versions, until someone thought it should be something different…?
I do know almost for sure they changed something in the export location defaults - just don´t know what it was anymore.

Apart from that - once the option is checked here, the next project with different project has the new project audio folder as default in the export dialogue.

Give your “think birds” in your thinking caps nest some extra worms for this, I neither saw that arrow…:wink: Thanks so much!

I believe things changed when ‘Batch Export’ became a cubase reality.