Feature Request - view follows cursor - load next and previous page for wavelet view?

Hey PG,

I noticed when in “view follows cursor” mode in the Wavelet view, the image has to load every time the cursor goes to the next page. Could the next page always be loaded in the background when the current page is playing? This way, when the cursor gets to the next page, the view will be available immediately - with no delay?


Not really possible, because the wavelet display takes a huge amount of CPU, as well as tons of memory. Hence I have to reduce the use to “explicit on demand”.

My computer has 24GB of RAM, and a 4 core processor… maybe this could be delegated to an unused core? I wouldn’t mind it taking up a lot of RAM.

Currently, when the screen scrolls, and the image draws, it only takes about a second or so, and it does not seem to interrupt playback at all. I’m surprised that it would be too much for my computer to draw the next page in the background while the current page plays…

The idea would be that when it has finished drawing the current screen and it has nothing to do, it will already start working on the next screen.