Feature request - vst connect

Any news on adding the featureof having the possibility to save the settings of any plugins.

for example if I record guitar and use a guitar plug to get distortion. During our next session I want to be able to get
back to the various setting that were used in the same project.

the feature would be great

There should be a pinned post with all the feature requests

… done. Thank you for your feature requested.


thanks, great Spork!

I would love to see a preset possibility for VST Connect performer so you can save the whole performance setting.
Including soundcard settings and VST settings and so on.

If you have recurring sessions or sessions that you want to continue the next day or on a later occasion it doesn’t make sense to have to set it up all over again.

For instance “Guitar session with Ken”, “Vocal session with Erin” and so on.

Performer saves setting (but not local ones like audio device, these are common to all Performer sessions) for each Cubase project that it was connected to. It also saves the “unconnected” state such that when Studio starts a new project, those should be the default, as how Performer left the app most recently. So, “If you have recurring sessions or sessions that you want to continue the next day or on a later occasion it doesn’t make sense to have to set it up all over again.” That should not be necessary, but as said, audio device, VST plugin settings etc are local and common to all projects and are considered unlikely to change with each project.

In that case there has to be a bug or something because I, on the performer side, have to set up the VST instrument every time I connect to the same Cubase project on the other side. Performer is “zeroed” with every start and as far as I can tell nothing changes when I connect to the other party (still no VST instrument when connected even though I had one selected last time).

I also think there is still a need for a preset functionality.
If I have a session with one studio and then want to have a session with another studio with the same instrument and mic volume - then a preset would come in handy to at least start off the session with the same settings as the last (same VST with the same preset for instance).

ah sorry, you are right, the VST Instrument is not remembered, all other mixer settings are. We’ll check if we can improve.

I’m glad you added the multiple listeners functionality to VST Connect Pro, However still hoping for a Single host to multiple performers option. With the rise in work-from-home and hybrid events, being able to host for multiple performers brings a level of collaboration that would corner the market.

I imagine a Host record at a festival front of house that allows for multiple remote locations to add to the performance. OR Capturing and distributing a Stream of multiple performers in the comfort of their homes/studios to a live and/or virtual audiences.

We haven’t yet added multiple listeners in this version, sorry.
And yes, we are envisioning those streaming ideas as well and are working on it.

I think it’s worth bearing in mind that getting multiple (musical!) performers playing in sync over a WAN is more or less impossible (speed of light etc). There are apps ( that claim to do this but most have limited success and only over a smaller geographical area. VST connect manages this because there is only ONE performer and it buffers to make the various delays ‘invisible’ I don’t think it’s realistic to have this ‘mini festival’ idea at least in the near future


on a slightly separate note my actor friend tells me that the BBC (in the UK) have developed their own solution to this (typical BBC!). This allows multiple clients recording at the same - he’s not very techie so didn’t really know the details but he says the latency is so low that they can do radio plays etc and can ‘crash’ each others line just like in real life - say it’s works great. But actors can deal with latency of 20/30/40 milliseconds - drummers can’t.

Realtime jamming is tricky and only works under specific circumstances, as latency restrictions are tight. You have to calculate i/o latency of your interface plus net connection maximum roundtrip (time it takes from an audio packet from sending to receiving and back). The latter can hardly be pushed below 15 ms (one direction) reliably without dropouts, so that makes 30 ms plus i/o latency. Net latency also includes speed of light, which adds roughly 5 ms per 1000 miles. i/o latency is hard to get below 5 ms, so 30-35 ms would be somewhat best case for ‘regular’ good quality WAN connections. Too much for me, but your mileage may vary.

well, I have written about these requests before but here they are gain

  1. possibility to turn off HD stereo channel record.
  2. pre count ( I know you guys said this was impossible, but you never know in the future right…)
  3. same as were written about above here, opportunity to save presets of setups (and to name them), I know that it kind of saves things now, but this would make it possible to change things quickly if I suddenly want to record in a different way with someone.
  4. the possibility to hover over certain buttons and metres so you ge a window with an explaination of what they do. in case you forgot
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  1. Updates rehearse button to enable singing along live to the track from the talkback mic. I know that vst connect first sends the music to to the performer, and then when it comes back the sound is played in the studio speakers. obviously this has to be changed temporary while the rehearse button is pushed. instead things should be first played at my place, and my voice should be included in the signal flow that is sent to the performer I realize of course then that the performer can not also play in sync with this, instead the performer chould be chosed to be muted on the studio side during this. But this would make it possible to explain how a melody would sound.

2 It doesnt seem to be a way for the studio to choose how to monitor individual channels by the performer without affecting the recordings. if this is true then this would be a good feature.

  1. out of my head, rehearse is supposed to work pretty much like you describe; remote delay is simply switched off. So you are all “realtime” and performer gets your stream right away, no? Performer is not in sync then, of course.
    Recording: there is one stereo stream from Performer to Studio all the time (and vice versa), nothing can be changed about that. The RECORD section allows you to control the Performer (!) cue mix (-> to Studio) which includes both listening, and recording. Nothing can be done about that; however, with the PRO version you can create HD recordings of individual channels which are later proceeded to the Cubase/Nuendo project via Get HD Files, which creates single tracks for each Performer channel that was record enabled (up to 16 channels).
  1. done next version
  2. no clock, no sync, sorry :slight_smile: Will ask colleagues if they can provide a clock during precount.
  3. most settings are saved, will check for further improvements
  4. thanks for reminding, will try our best.

Added all of this (except 1) to the todo list.

Is there a possibility that you can show your arrangement window to the performer or studio pass app.
Is it possible to make the studio pass app also available on osx and windows?

Thank You

Virtual Backgrounds

Not everyone has the resources for a full blown & equipped studio. Some people are barely surviving these days and producing from a friend’s closet.
But that’s not all, considering both the technological crimes, and overreach by some organizations to gather data based upon compiled image analysis etc…

…We should have the option to post a Virtual (chroma-key) background into our VST Connect Pro streams, for our:
A.) Security
B.) Privacy
C.) Safety

And, considering that OBS, Zoom, (and OF COURSE, the folks at Microsoft in Redmond Washington who lock EVERYTHING down, allow for SKYPE to use a Virtual background… For free at that) then this should be more than a reasonable request considering all of the aforementioned.

Thank you for your time.

I have also had questions. Thanks for answering them.

We will not provide a virtual background option soon, this is beyond the scope of this software development and can be done with external tools. It is up to you to design your environment accordingly, or switch off the camera altogether in the VST Connect settings if you are concerned about privacy. Security/Privacy/Safety is also further covered by optional encryption (includes video).