Feature request: VST Favorites

After using Cubase for a few years now, I’ve amassed quite a stable of plugins. Some I use occasionally, but some I use All. The. Time.

It would be great if Cubase 7 allowed me to create and organize a favorites list that would appear above all of the other plugins without requiring a maze of submenus to insert on a track or to apply to audio in the audio editor.

Not. Helpful. People post feature requests for the next version of Cubase in the forum for the current version all the time. I am pretty sure Steinberg doesn’t actively read the Music Lounge. But when my next EP releases, I’ll be sure to post there.

Aloha l,
I beg to differ.

Some folks have been banned from the entire board
for things posted there.


Hi Curt-I’m idly wondering who that might be.

Nevertheless, it’s pretty common practice to post feature requests for Cubase in the Cubase subforum. This subforum is for discussion of Cubase. The Music Lounge forum is for discussions about music in general.

So let’s get back on topic:

When I’m using Cubase, I find I’m going through submenus an awful lot to get to the same VST effects as both inserts and when applying effects to tracks. For example, I’m constantly using iZotope RX2’s Spectral Repair feature to process little issues I find in the audio editor when I’m working with audio tracks. And I have to go to the Audio menu, then Plugins, then iZotope, then Restoration, and finally Spectral repair. That is WAY too many submenus. At a minimum, I should be able to put it at the top of the plugins list and not have to choose iZotope and Restoration. But even better it would be nice if I had a favorites menu that was even more convenient than that.

And I am regularly applying my favorite 5 or 6 plugins to tracks as inserts. To pick a random one let’s say Steinberg’s Da Tube… (this is from memory, I think this is a Steinberg plugin).

Click 1: Displays Plugin Menu
Click 2: More plugins submenu
Click 3: More plugins submenu
Click 4: Steinberg
Click 5: Distortion
Click 6: Da Tube

And that’s if the submenus don’t snap shut on you because you move the mouse a little bit off the target and you have to start over. Which regularly happens to me.

Instead, why can’t I choose to fill up the first pop-up with my favorites so it would look like:

Click 1: Displays plugin menu
Click 2: Steinberg Da Tube

The menu would look like this:

{Favorite 1}
{Favorite 2}
{Favorite 3}
{Favorite 4}
{Favorite 5}
{Favorite 6}
{Favorite 7}
{Favorite 8}
{Favorite 9}
{Favorite 10}
More Plugins >

That would be handy.

I have set up some Key Commands/macros to pull up the most common plugins that I use in offline processing, then it’s just a simple case of pressing the correct keys an off you go :stuck_out_tongue:


lets you categorize your plugs as you like. The hierarchic structure of your categories is reflected by cubases plugin menus.