FEATURE REQUEST: waveform zoom key command?

I can zoom vertically and horizontally with a key command, but why can’t I use a key command to move the waveform zoom slider? For those who don’t know what I mean, I’m referring to the slider in the top right corner of the project window that controls the zoom on the audio waveforms themselves.

great FR, apt!

I use this top right corner zoom a lot.
Nice idea.


BUMP. Looks like the CMC-TP features horizontal zoom but no waveform zoom. Lets make this a key command please!


I would love this key command!


BTW I’m re-posting this in “Cubase 7 Feature Requests”… I thought it might get more attention there.



How about having an option whereby the waveform display automatically “normalizes” itself?
(just the display of the waveform, not the actual audio itself!)
No need to do any zooming at all then :wink:

Hmm, the waveform zoom affects all the events in the arrange globally, so chances are this ‘normalize’ command would not work the instant an event with a high gain appeared in the arrange (just like a 0dbfs sample in a waveform prevents any normalisation even if the rest of the material is low level).

The “auto zoom” or “normalize” would need to be calculated on an an event-by-event basis, so that the peaks in one event do not affect the display of another event. For each event, search for its peak and normalize the waveform for that event only based on that peak. Then, move to the next event, look for the peak there and repeat… So each event effectively has its own “zoom factor”.

I would find this very useful in projects that contain audio events that have a lot of different gain levels.

(Currently I am zooming in and out a lot in order to see the overall “shape” of the wave. When zooming in to see low gain events, the high gain events end up looking like a solid block. If I then zoom out so the high gain events are more visible, then the lower gain events can end up looking empty.

Just an idea :smiley:

I find this to have a great potential … to end up a great mess; I believe it makes sense to keep the waveform scaling uniform throughout the project. maybe it could be normalized based on the selected event, globally, so that louder events’ waveform would just get visually clipped (pretty much what happens now if you move the waveform zoom slider).

They already implemented this very same thing for MIDI events in C6, whereby the display of MIDI notes on the event is always scaled according to the contents of each event, independently of other events. This works very well and so it seems logical to also have that for audio events. But in the absence of that, some key commands would make things faster for sure so let’s start with that!