Feature request: We need more COWBELL! No cowbell in the track picture browser!

Either I’m blind or it doesn’t exist. I wanted to add a track picture for my honky tonk cowbell audio track to the mixer console … but couldn’t find one.
I found top notch instruments like a sea shell, an alien from space invaders, a hash pipe and a bird … but no cowbell!!!

Not really much of anything in the handful of lame Track Pictures that come with Cubase. Most folks use the User Imported Pictures to get more pics both in quantity and quality. There are a bunch of threads on the forum where different sets of Track Pictures are shared. A search for “Track Pictures” should turn up some better choices for you.

What is really needed in the track picture browser, is file name search auto filter

I stopped using the Cubase Track Picture Browser awhile back. Turns out you can use Windows File Explorer to drag and drop pictures onto Track Picture slots on the MixConsole. When you do this the picture is automatically added to the Cubase User Picture Library. This of course let’s you use Explorer’s search features. Also the Cubase Track Picture Browser is much clunkier to use than Explorer (or the Mac equivalent I assume).

Thanks. I’ll check that out.