FEATURE REQUEST... well, things I asked for, now in Sonar X2


Sonar X2 preview showed up on Aug 1. I don’t keep track of Sonar as I switched from Sonar to Cubase when Cubase 5 shipped. In many ways, Sonar is catching up to Cubase or still lags. And I’m certainly not at risk of switching from Cubase to Sonar any time soon, but there were a few things I noticed that I have been hoping for that will show up there and I hope show up in Cubase 7…

Other than that and the fact that they seem to have done a deal with Overloud for effects, not much interesting going on there. And quite frankly if Console Emu and FX Chains 2.0 don’t really live up to expectations, not even a catch-up to Cubase 6.x