Feature Request when coping to staff above/below

I’ve become quite fond of these two commands, but they really only work with a single staff at a time, which is annoying.

I’d like to propose an enhancement…when multiple adjoining staves are selected, make everything happen in increments of the number of selected staves.

So, as it works now, copying down from Staff 1 copies to Staff 2. Perfect.

But if you have staff 1 and 2 selected, copying down copies staff 1 to staff 2 (oops) and staff 2 to staff 3, resulting in a jumble.

What’d I like to see happen in that case is for Staff 1 to copy to Staff 3, and Staff 2 to copy to Staff 4.

Similarly, with 3 selected, 1->4, 2->5, and 3->6.

I usually use Copy/Paste or else highlight the original and ALT+Click at the start of where I want the copy to appear if I need to skip staves.

I’ll gladly add my +1 to this request!

As Derrek, I use alt-click for that but I admit it would be very comfortable to use copy to staff above/below for that (especially with the way condensing works, where we have to input notes in separate staves for each instrument. It’s not uncommon to copy flute1 & 2 to oboe 1 & 2, clarinet 1 & 2…)
Add my voice to this choir!

I would like to see that copying to staff above/below respects chord mode (q), just like pressing ‘r’ does.

It’s just so handy since it doesn’t require you to select the target… I have it keybound to Ctrl+E/D. It’ll also copy single objects just fine, like hairpins.