Feature Request: Zoom Relevant 'Snapping'

What Cubase could really benefit from is an additional snap setting. Currently there are only three:
i. Bar
ii. Beat
iii. Use Quantize
It would be nice to see a 4th option:
iv. Zoom

This could be an intelligent option that auto-selects the snapping of your selections according to your level of zoom. i.e. When zoomed far out it would auto adjust to the ‘Bar’ option; when zoomed in relatively close to ‘Beat’ and then the closer one zooms in from there it could alter depending on the level of zoom from 1/8 all the way through to a user defined maximum (i.e. 1/32).

I find that I spend a considerable time constantly adjusting this setting and there’s no easy way around it. Apologies if this has already been suggested and I wasn’t able to locate it.


If you are using different Snap Type (Grid, Grid Relative, Events, Shuffle, Magnetic Coursor and combination), you can find a lot possibilites to snaping. I’m using Grid + Events + Coursor very often.