Feature request!

It is so nice looking with the yellow, black volume meters in the mixer and inspector. Why cant we have desame colour in the project window? I really dont like that standard colour of cubase and it get annoying having different colour metering the same information. Yellow should be the standard in my word. everybode seems to use it in the videos on yotube form steinbergvideo etc.

I HATE yellow meters.
Prefer turquoise meters (and dark GUI).
Absolute matter of taste!
Note, Cubase offers the opportunity for yourself that you can set everything and any paint scheme you prefer.


you cant change colours of the meters in the project window! That is my feature request. You can have your colour all you want. I want desame colour in project window as mixer and inspector. Yellow, red, blue what ever.

that´s right.
But I have not problem with that: IMHO one color in the project window must be enough, for more detailed view is the mixer with its big meters.
ok, could be improved, but, yet there are more important features what cubase lacks…
My opinion.

In the Project View I’m just happy to see an indication that audio is present. My ears are the meter in that view. :wink:

ye i can of starting to like not seeing the light green volume meter. Use my ears instead. and if i want I can look in the mixer. I only use one window. And in this way i dont have the “consistency volume colour problem between project and mixer/inspector”. Love my black yellow colour :slight_smile: