feature request

I would love it if I could tell Wavelab to automatically save the master section for each render as the name of the resulting file. It would help my workflow, and probably others as well!

Save where?

The master section presets list. Instead of manually having to enter the preset name and save the configuration for each individual render, it would be great if Wavelab could automatically save the configuration in the presets list as the name of the rendered file.

It could be similar to how FX chain presets within the montage (clip/track/montage master) are auto-named from the montage name at first.

Yes. That would be nice.

Even better: just a checkbox in the render dialogue popup that says “Save configuration?” or “Save configuration as filename?”

I would rather see as useful, the option to save the Master Section preset inside the source wave setting file.


+1 That sounds like the best option to me.


+1 Even this beginner can see a lot of value in that.

This will happen…