Feature requests: "abstract" instrument and Dorico webplayer

For my theory studies, I often create music examples written for no particular instrument. It would be convenient if in Setup I had the option to add an “abstract” instrument with no instrument name and with the square synth lead as a playback patch. (I like that patch for its “featureless” and indefinitely sustainable sound.) It would also be convenient if this “abstract” instrument came in a one-staff as well as a two-stave version.
Could you please consider adding this as a new feature?

The other request is for a Dorico webplayer. I imagine this as something I can run on a webhosting server, and with which I can put a link to a Dorico file into my HTML code. Like so:

< dorico > /localfolder/example.dorico < / dorico >.

The website user would then see the sheet music and also a playback, pause, and stop button and volume controls. I have no idea how difficult such a thing would be to build, but I’m just putting it out there.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for your requests, Kim. We are indeed planning to add generic instruments that are not tied to a particular acoustic instrument, though they will default to using a more neutral piano sound rather than a square wave lead.

We would like to provide a means of sharing your Dorico projects online, but I can’t make any promises as to when that might happen.

Have you tried the Sampler Player set to “Honestly Square” in HALion SE?
You can play with the Amplifier release time and other parameters to adjust it to your liking.

Thanks Daniel; it’s nice to know it’s being worked at.

No, I haven’t, but I will. Thanks for the pointer.

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