Feature Requests - Cubasis

Which features would you like to see? Pick all that you’d like

  • Snap to triplets
  • 6/8 Time Signature
  • Change Time Signatures mid song
  • Change tempo mid song
  • Movable tracks
  • Add Folders (grouping arrangements and mixdowns)

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Loving Cubasis and have inspired many friends to jump on the wagon. Wondering if there is a feature request mechanism where we can see feature requests that have been noted and can be voted on, slated for next release etc so we don’t double up?

Over time I’ve seen a few of these come up but can’t find any information on progress. Here are my feature requests:

  1. Snap to triplets so I can easily add notes in triplets if I want
  2. 6/8 time signature
  3. Ability to change the time signature mid song. I might need the odd 7/4 in the bridge or whatever.
  4. Ability to change tempo mid song, make it faster or slow. I don’t even mind if that’s on a per bar basis.
  5. Ability to move tracks up and down the arrangement window or from the mixer
  6. Add folders or other management mechanism to be able to group arrangements and mixdowns together eg. by album, collaborators, time period whatever

Couple of bugs:

Playback via bluetooth in arrangement mode is very poor quality. Seems to work ok if playing back a mixdown but in arrangement mode sound quality is unusable.

I also use SampleTank and while this works quite well, there is a weird bug where the connection to SampleTank is lost if I hit undo after recording something. I have to switch to SampleTank, bang on the keyboard and go back to Cubasis and it’s fine. It’s a small thing but a little annoying.

As I say, I’ve seen most of these requests over time just can’t see how to keep track of them. I’ve added a little poll to see what others think of the feature requests. Look forward to some feedback.

Thanks so much for an amazing tool that allows me to write and record anywhere in my travels.

Update 1/05/2017: Had another play with quantizing triplets and it works fine. Must have been my own silly playing. Have removed triplets quantize from the post and the poll. Snapping to triplets is still desirable though. Also refined time signature request to be just about 6/8. That’s what seems to be glaringly missing.

I’d also like to see the following added to a future update:

  1. Add ability to record input with inserted effects inline.
  2. Add presets to all effect plug-ins with ability to save user presets.
  3. Add track/fader groups.
  4. Add bus faders.
  5. Add ability to route outputs to bus faders on all tracks.
  6. Add markers.
  7. Add SMPTE time display.
  8. Add punch record in/out latch (I have to punch these keys for each recording pass).

I think these would also be helpful.



Long tap on a track in the track list allows you to move tracks to a new location already!



I dig the mobility as was using it for a while, but what turned me off was the file management. I have a bunch of sounds that i managed to get the app to find and use, but it doesnt let me organize it. So thers 100 .wav files for instance and if i want to go to the pad sounds i have to scroll through them all to the bottom every time. Just kills the flow imo.

Id like to see more ability to quickly run through my library so i stay inspired

Maybe theres hardware limitations with what apple lets an app do with files, but itll get me back on there

yes, the audio section needs to have folders. i’ve imported a number of sample packs and they just end up in one giant list that takes a long time to load.

Would love to import my custom drums and loops into the pads like a drum machine.

Hi rwsmth,

This is easily possible via Cubasis’ MiniSampler, which allows to create your own instruments.



Beside Cubasis beeing already a great software I would like to suggest the following features:

  • MIDI Clock slave mode (So it can use an external MIDI Clock). <- My Favorite one :slight_smile:
  • An Option in the Sampler to play a Sample full length when its triggered. It should stop/restart if it is triggered again.
    For playing Drums/Hihat samples a way to stop an other sample (the way open/closed HH behaves) would also be nice.
  • Already mentioned: Snap to triplets in the MIDI editor.
  • Sidechain compression.
  • Group channels.
  • MIDI effects like MIDI Pitch / MIDI LFO / Scale …
  • An Option for the Sampler to automatically play a range of notes and record a sample on the corresponding sampler keys.
    (When I create a sound on my synthesizer it would to easily clone the sound in Cubais Sampler)

Kind Regards

I see the same as you. All I have is the iOS Cubase “Cubasis”. I import Audio samples and MIDI files and need efficient file management system rather than scrolling through the screen.

I understand that but I come from a background of using drum machines and or apps like drum machines where I can load sixteen individual sounds into individual pads and then play them using a controller. What you’re offering is a workaround but it’s such a drag to do

Hey there,

Cubasis 2 now is one of the sweetest and best iOS Daws on the market. It´s so well done imo.
Still there is one important feature missing (or am I missing something as I have not found out
how to engage this function?)…it´s Multi-Take-Recording!
Means that you can loop record on a track, every single take will be saved separately and any previous
take will be muted by every new recording.
I know that I can record multiple takes and spread em out to separate tracks afterwards but I always
hear all already recorded tracks playing while recording the latest one which is not really useable.
So, please, give us that option as soon as possible!
Garageband does have this function already but Cubasis is so much better over-all that I never would
change to Garageband anymore.

Thanks in advance, Warevo

I just posted this in the Audiobus Forums, but i think it could be a nice feature in cubasis.

In an ipad daw like cubasis, i can use other synths via iaa or virtual midi. what bothers me is, that for tasks like prg change or other cc i have to switch to the synth, change the parameters and then go back to the daw.

In my desktop daw Reason, there is a instrument called External Midi. Here i can make prg change or even assign ccs to a knob. Here is a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOTftzocnu8

I know that i can automate values in a cubasis midi track but if i had a external midi “instrument” inside cubasis that just cc control another synth, it would be a dream!

Some are already requested by others but here’s mine :smiley:

  • Spectrum Analyzer in EQ
  • Something like Audio Warp or Melodyne
  • User created folders in the imported audio samples/midis
  • Mix and Sidechain in compressor
  • Multiband Compression
  • Deesser
  • Presets in the FX
  • Group Channel
  • Tempo and Signature Change mid song
  • Track Lock
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and here’s mine:

  • User created folders in the imported audio samples/midis !
  • more Options for the sampler (FX send, Filter, Amp, Pan for individual Samples)
  • Flex phraser …
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I’d like to see per track undo/redo and long pressing the undo and redo buttons would show a scrollable list of what is going to be undone etc.
Also assignable midi cc for the synths, see the attached image from korg gadget.

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-Virtual tracks like in cubase, being able to loop record vocals over and over on the same track.
The ipad is great of vocal recording I think, but find cubasis a bit limited here or there is something I am not aware of.

-And if by any means it would be possible to use a mouse for editing it would be possible to use cubasis fully.
I know this is hanging on IOS mostly.
But this is a big one I think, especially with ipad pros if this was possible i´d get one.


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+1000 for this set of features plus Group Tracks.

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I’d like to have aux or bus tracks to I can bus drums recorded on separate tracks to a single fader, and better export to Dropbox options, so if I want to export audio stems from a song with a lot of tracks we don’t have to upload to Dropbox one track at a time, that tends to be extremely cumbersome.

+1000 for this set of features plus Group Tracks.

If you guys added these features in the next update, who would have a better product in the app store?
I mean seriously… This would change everything!!

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