Feature Requests - for a future update/upgrade

So I have gathered these Feature requests for a while now so I think it is time to post them.
Please share your thoughts, if I have missed something or anything.

Customise Audio Folder destination and with/without Flow folder Structure

Input notes without Enabling Playback

Rhythm Augmentation and Diminution in the Transform Options

Plug-in Automation

Instant preview of changes in Layout, Engraving and Fonts, etc without leaving those menus.

Preview of changes made in Page Templates.

Audio Filename export configurable as filename for PDF export

View for Bowed Instruments (as fretted instruments)

Endpoint configuration/Expression Maps available in all projects

Playback Techniques Management in Right Sidebar

‘Simile’ hides Articulations and Playing Techniques

Renaming of Instruments for use in Console 1, SSL 360, Fuse VCS-1, etc.

Support for Komplete Kontrol, Console 1 and DAW controllers in general

Move through instruments in Play Mode

Pin Windows for Instruments and Effects

Time counter restarts for each Flow


Rehearsal Marks as Arrangement Markers in DAWs

Articulation selection and override with or without Playing Techniques

In Import MIDI Window: Import MIDI Key-switches from DAW to Playback Techniques/Template


Hi @Azu – thanks for putting this together. Please also feel free to post individual topics for these sorts of thoughts – it can be easier to keep track of ideas when threads are focussed on one particular idea (and that gives you a bit more space to explain your idea more clearly, attach example pictures or projects etc).

You can already input notes with or without playback being enabled in a project. You can also input notes without hearing their sounds while keeping playback enabled. Or are you referring to something else entirely?

It’s not under the Transform menu, but you can already do this using Insert mode: activate Insert mode, choose the appropriate scope, then lengthen/shorten notes (or double their durations, or make them all quavers, etc etc)

You can do this by creating playback templates.

This is the sort of idea where a separate topic, where you describe the use-case and workflow in more detail, would be helpful. The developers like to know “what” you’re doing and “how”, rather than only your proposed solution, as it might be that other solutions fit better into Dorico whilst also improving your workflow.

You can now use MIDI trigger regions as well, which don’t put any notation into the music but can trigger playback switches.


You can already press “Apply” in Engraving and Layout Options, to apply the changes without leaving the dialog. Remember that changes will force a recalculation of the entire Layout.

Page templates are a bit more difficult. What should the page number be on the preview? Which flow should flow tokens use?



Thanks for the answers. @Lillie_Harris

With Input notes, I mean with a MIDI Keyboard when the playback is disabled.

I already have set some macros in Metagrid to do Augmentation and Diminution as you described it, but I think it would be useful and logical to have them as a single button in the Transform menu. i.e recall it with the jump bar

I would like to see every Expression Map and Endpoint configuration in every project, maybe I am missing something. i.e: I want to manually change the instrument library and use one I have in other projects with its respective expression map.

I will try the MIDI trigger regions, I haven’t had time to work with this feature.
Can I change MIDI channels with MIDI trigger regions? i.e. A library such as Berlin Strings has different channels for its different sets of articulations.
Can I override them? I like the concept of Sound Variations in Studio One.

Thanks again for the detailed answer!

Hi @benwiggy,
I would like for these changes to be as dynamic as possible without pressing ‘Apply’.
Sometimes most of the changes are a Font or Font size and I would love to see them displayed in real-time when possible.

I may be mistaken, but I believe that Dorico separates the Sound/MIDI world from the Notation world. And a consequence of this is that, in order to process live MIDI, Playback must be activated.

Try using the Library Manager to move Expression Maps. And create Playback Templates for specific endpoints that you can share between projects.

I fear that real-time would slow Dorico down considerably, unless you had a supercomputer.

You can consider to use for this subject different Voices in a staff. It is possible to place note(s) in a new Voice in a staff by selecting them and tap shift + v. When you have done that, you can place other notes in the same voice by selecting them and tap just v.
After this go to the Play Tab, search for the instrument you are working on and click on Independent voice playback in that instrument at the left side. Now channels are showing up for the different voices with the notes you wrote in that Voices. At the left side you can give to every voice his own VSTi (can be the same as the other Voices), his own Channel number and his own expression map.
In write mode you can remove the unwanted rests (select them and choose Edit > Remove Rests). After that you see the notes just as if it was one voice, unless there are notes of different voices at the same time of course.