Feature Requests for Cubasis 3

Hi There:
I’ve been playing around with Cubasis 3 last week, and I’m looking forward to diving deeper.

I have four requests that I hope to see coming:

  1. Keyboard shortcut and mouse support - When I use the keyboard, I sometimes can work faster, depending on the tasks. While I have not tried mouse support on the iPad yet (I have an iPad Pro), I can see that it could be useful for an application like Cubasis.
  2. External display support: I give you, for an example, the video editor LumaFusion 2, which has external display support via both AirPlay and HDMI. There are a few screen configurations to chooose from, including one where the timeline takes up the full screen and the viewing area for the video is now on full dislpay on the external monitor instead of iPad. This would be pretty great from a viewing perspective, but also again may be useful with the keyboard shortcuts and mouse.
  3. I have a sizable sample folder. It would be nice to have the ability to create custom folders, or point to existing folders, and make them easily available from within My Samples, instead of having to go to Files and having to do a number of steps. Also, direct support for AudioShare would be nice too.
  4. PDF manual. I know that there’s an online manual, but for folks like me with some vision issues, having to go to the online version every time is not very convenient, and for some very difficult. A PDF version of the manual would make it so much better for those of us who prefer reading on a platform like Apple Books or something like that.

Thanks for reading.

Totally agree with this. Luma fusions second screen template is the future. Would you be undercutting your own software? yes. But you would also be owning the audio future!