Feature Requests for Mixer


I am sure the Dorico team is planning to improve the GUI of the mixer. But I am requesting the following. I hope others add and later we can create a poll if needed for this.

  1. Selecting one or multiple channel strips by shift, ctrl, and navigate through the channels via mouse (left & right arrows, or KCs). Hopefully this will be jump-start the integration of Steinberg CC121 in Dorico!
  2. Improving GUI of the Mixer ( look, zoom, etc.)
  3. Copy and paste the inserts/sends from one channel to other
  4. Using Buses/Group channels. Later hopefully when we import an ensemble, the groups will be assigned to group channels or any other way that makes sense!

Of course, any feature relevant to Dorico’s world from Cubase mixer is welcome by many users.

The Dorico Team takes note of all suggestions and responds to the quality of the suggestion. The Team has made clear that it does not respond to polls, which would only burden the forum with chaff unlikely to change the value of your suggestions.

make it +1 for all 4 requests

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