[Feature requests] generic remote and cubase

prefs: listen replaces solo button so you can have pfl on your controller (not solo in place)

Cubase :Osc support (yes I know it gets boring sorry)

Or/and updates for the Generic remote:

  • selected channel studio sends
  • selected channel listen button
  • selected channel missing eq parameters (type)
  • selected channel suspend “link faders”
  • open selected channel editor AND active plugins.
  • open selected channel editor AND active plugins (close all plugins first)
  • Zoom in/out horizontal on ONE cc! (for rotary controllers).
  • Zoom in/out vertical on ONE cc! (for rotary controllers).
  • send track name of selected track by MIDI sysex ASCII.
  • destination: moused-over parameter when unlocked (to use any MIDI controller as AI knob).
  • destination: mouse-over lock (to lock/unlock by MIDI).
  • one generic remote bound to a dedicated plugin (for all vst3presets of that plugin or for a dedicated vst3preset of that plugin ).
  • multiple destinations for one MIDI controller.
  • All usable keycomands available in the generic remote.
  • All usable generic remote targets available in key commands.


  • more touchscreen friendly interface (it can visualy stay the way it is, only the mouse/touch sensitive areas would have to be a bit bigger/wider around an object, this would also help with mouse selection of small buttons, auxes, inspector faders etc).

  • markers: possibility to link markers to selection (when you move a refrain for example the refrain marker moves too).


  • master section: sends/routing like on a channel/subgroup
  • fx channels: sends/routing to groups
  • ability to place the channel eq anywhere in the (insert) chain.

  • control room mixer: levels on ext/aux/mix (like on the click) and the ability to send these sources simultaneously. (on/off swithes instead of toggle)

I’m with you…
And, proper Generic Remote “touch” implementation!