Feature requests: user chord diagram library, custom fretted instruments

Hi Folks,
Hope these haven’t been suggested before.

  1. I’d really appreciate being able to define a fretted instrument tuning (say, Irish Bouzouki) separately and have this then selectable like a normal instrument.
  2. I’d also like to have a custom chord library instead of the rather hit-and-miss chord diagrams that turn up when adding chords with say a mandolin part. At the moment, I pick say C and then edit the default C that comes up so I can have the C shape I want. But it would be much simpler to just have a custom library of the chords I use, which could be defined somewhere else.

Perhaps this could be part of a paid Custom add-on that gives users the chance to define things like instruments and chord shapes?


Being able to define your own custom instrument types is something that many users have requested, and it’s something that we plan to add in a future version of Dorico (though it won’t be included in the next version).

In the next version of Dorico, you should find that it reliably offers you your own custom shapes for chord diagrams, though you cannot remove the factory library.

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Many thanks for the information!
That’s great news all round.