Feature suggestion: Allow all selections to be scaled while locked on axis

Say for example you select a kick drum and use the “select similar” feature to select that same shape throughout the entire spectrum and it is quite successful at selecting most of the kick drums but you want to narrow the selection of each individual selection. When you use the “transform selections” tool it scales all the selections relatively and that is not what I want.

It would be great if a feature was added or the “transform selections” tool was improved where each selection is made selectable and is LOCKED on the axis where you can move each selection bidirectionally without interfering the axis it is LOCKED on.

For example, when you make a selection using the “rectangle selections” tool and switch to the “transform selections” tool, it LOCKS the selection on its axis and adds 8 points around the selection (allowing it to be moved bidirectionally in 8 different ways without interfering the axis it is LOCKED on)… Imagine you take that same concept and apply it to each selection (that you have ever selected) and add 8 points around each selection. For further example, lets say you have about 270 selections and you want to expand each of those selections but you dont want to expand them in a linear fashion (meaning you dont want every selection to be expanded by literally being scaled up or down), you want to have more control over each selection and allow only one part of the corner of each selection to be expanded without affecting the axis or the other corners of each selection.

Let me know if this feature suggestion is understood, I will gladly do a video to clear up any misunderstandings.