Feature suggestion: closing project takes too long

If I close a Cubase 13 (or also C12) project, then this can take up to 1 minute until I can use Cubase for other projects - and I am running a fast machine (I7-14700K, Z790 chipset, 64GB RAM). I am using up to 20 VST instruments (some of them with multi outputs) plus several effect channels (for send effects), various insert effects, and also some group channels.
This performance is obviously related to closing the mixer channels somehow, because on Mastering projects with just 2 or 3 channels it’s fast.

Some people think that Cubase is frozen, but it is not. Cubase is just “delisting” the mixer channels.

I would recommend to easily add a display, so that users are aware that Cubase is still there and is still working.

During opening of a project the same happens: it’s displayed, what just happens, so why not during close of a project?

Channel Audio-01 is closed
Channel Padshop (2) is closed


Here with 13.0.30, I see a proper window displaying the unload process of the mixConsole:


Maybe you mean that the unload process goes on even after this popup goes away?

sorry, I was a while away.

Agree, I can see this message, too. But even after these “Unloading messages” it takes a while, until Cubase is usable again. No idea, what happens in the background, but kind of a status would help.