Feature suggestion: Full Keyboard Access for Panels

I’m on the trial version of Dorico 3, having followed it’s development closely over the years, and I am really enjoying it. One time-consuming aspect for my workflow is having to mouse around the panels, find the modification to a note (let’s say harmonics), and select the on/off thing and set various parameters.

I use keyboard shortcuts extensively, in general, and know about the Key Commands in the Preferences menu. But, I have a feature request or suggestion for a different type of keyboard shortcut control. In Sibelius, the ribbon was a divisive interface, but I loved the ability to press the control key (on Mac) and then, with a quick sequence of key strokes, access any action/setting with relative ease.

I wonder if a similar approach might work well for the panels, specifically the bottom panel, and complement standard keyboard shortcuts. For instance, one could quickly set natural harmonics with this sequence of key strokes: control > h > t > n. Has anything been discussed re increasing the keyboard accessibility of the panels? Or is there an ability to do this that I am not aware of?

Welcome to the forum, cechandler. We certainly plan to improve keyboard access to the Properties panel in future, but there’s no secret ability to do what you request that exists at the moment.

Thanks, Daniel. I appreciate your super fast response and the info. Looking forward to seeing what the Dorico team comes up with on this. Every new feature or reinvented existing feature has been thoughtful and exciting.

One way you can get closer to what you describe is by recording macros, now that the macros menu is populated by the contents of the folder.