Feature suggestion: Increment file numbers when saving

When saving projects, I often increment file names. That way, I’ve got an easy way to revert to earlier versions.

For instance, I might name a project file Project01, or Project_01, or Project 01a, etc. when I first save it, then I manually increment the alphanumeric suffix with each new save: Project02, Project_02, or Project 01b. Eventually, I clean house and delete unneeded earlier versions.

It would be handy if Dorico could offer a + button, when saving projects. Clicking on that a button would tell Dorico to recognize the suffix scheme then automatically increment the suffix and save the project.

Hope that’s clear and helpful.


There’s already a Save New Version command to which you can assign a keyboard shortcut. It only increments a number - it can’t handle custom schemes - but it’s better than not having it (and by the sounds of things you’re not aware of its existence).


It really ought to be in the File menu by default.

What I do is save my Dorico files in Dropbox while I am working on them. Then, as long as I am working directly from Dropbox, every time I hit save I can go into the Dropbox version history and get that particular save, even if I don’t rename it. Even with this feature though I still do separate saves sometimes if I am making more changes.

Dorico saves an extra backup every time I save, with a timestamped filename. That is plenty for me.