Feature Suggestion: Orchestral Music Term Dictionary to translate

Feature Suggestion: Orchestral Music Term Dictionary to look up common used Italian/German/French language.

For example, when typing in “Adante con moto”, it tells the Adante q=80, and “con mono” means “with movement” or “in a spirited manner”. Even the “con moto” cannot been automatically converted to tempo modulation now in dorico, it at least tells the composer/learner the meaning.

When typing the Cl., it tells on possible meaning clarinet.

This feature is user-friendly for music students, and students are the largest group of potential users for such software.

Thanks for the suggestion, Peter. Adding a full concordance for musical terms in multiple languages isn’t a small job, but I can certainly see the potential value in it. In the meantime, you might find online resources like this helpful, perhaps.

Or Clavichord, or Claves?

Except q=80 might not be Andante if your basic beat is a quaver or a minim.

Then change it in the Properties panel.

That is precisely not the point!

The OP presumption is that Andante q=80 is somehow a definitive norm, which it is not.

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So the Traditional descriptions should be offered with no M.M. markings because the time signature denominators might vary? That seems an unwieldy expectation. Not everything needs to be automatic.

I’m not asking for automation, just respect for the musical terms. I’d happily lose the entire Absolute Tempo menu - there’s hardly an entry I agree with!

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