Feature suggestion: Use Spectralayers as a visual analyzer (for Line-in Live audio)

As far as spectral analyzers go, I find that “Spectralayers” composite view(inferno) is the best visually. FL Studio’s wave candy “spectrum” view (and even Edison’s spectral view) comes close to being the best, the problem with FL Studio’s spectral analyzers is that it is extremely tiny (especially on a 4K screen). It would be great if we could use Spectralayers composite view as a live visual analyzer (maybe as a VST) to analyze audio.

I understand something like this would be incredibly difficult/challenging to implement (given the fact that changing FFT size of display and resolution is already a challenge), however I’m just putting this out there as suggestion for the improvement of Spectralayers.

Some things to also consider for this feature addition is “speed”(like the “update” feature within “Wave Candy”) because that can give a visual sense of live tracking and live recording in monitoring situations. Another thing to consider is resolution and FFT size in real-time and having the ability to change in real-time. Something else to consider is framerate monitoring (which in this case would be independent of “speed” because the framerate is the number of visual snapshots during the monitoring process… Options varying between 15-120 frames per second). Something else to consider is snapshot mode where you’re able to snapshot live incoming audio (from spectral analyzation) and directly edit within spectralayers.

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You’re probably looking for something more portable like a VST, but you can already do live monitoring in SpectraLayers with the record function:


True. Thanks for reminding me, I didn’t remember this. Thanks!

Would you be able to consider the other suggestions to add along with live monitoring? I am currently playing around with it and (although you can minimize both the toolbar and display options) I would like to be able to view the spectral aspect of it (just by itself) without the toolbars and settings window. So that I can leave it running on a secondary monitor screen at full screen resolution where I am able leave it monitoring for any live events or audio passing through. You can currently hide the toolbars, tools, transport, but there is no way to hide the window menu settings at the top(making only the spectral aspect viewable).

Also while it does live monitor, it is also recording which eats up disk space and that can become a problem if I leave it running 24/7(24 hours a day 7 days a week). Could you consider a option of live analysis mode where it is not recording anything (like the idea of “Wave Candy” in FL Studio). It would be great if there was options of 10-40 second windows with other framerate options.

See! This is what I was suggesting earlier

Out of all the spectrographs out there, fl studio wavecandy(now discontinued and can only be used as a bundle apart of fl studio) and Edison(Edison by far being extremely detailed in spectrograph mode) are the only ones available as a spectrum analysis tool.

It would be great to use Spectralayers as a live monitor of audio on a secondary screen with options to disable the menu bars(where only the spectrum data is displayed) and other options to combine both stereo channels as one mono live visual (just like in wave wandy).

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