Feature suggestions

Dear Dorico team. I thought I would suggest some features. Please note that I’m not a very experienced user in Dorico, yet.

  • Ability to create comment text. Either as stickers or boxed tex or something simple that would enable the user to take notes. The text would move freely around the score. When using the text feature (shift-X) I find it annoying that it can’t move freely (because the text is conceived as something to be printed and really part of the score).

  • We desperately need tools to assist in composing tasks! Retrogrades, permutations, etc, can be quite handy and save huge amounts of time.

  • Some function that would simplify accidentals. This is absolutely necessary after some editing of passages has taken place: transposition mostly, at the time.

  • Make it easier to select whole passages of music. As far as I can tell, only the marquee tool enables this… argh…
  1. You can create a text frame in Engrave mode and move it around as needed. You can even insert it between music frames and then resume the music. You can read about that here, on page 46: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6d2qmdapwqpxyn4/A%20Beginner's%20Guide%20to%20Dorico.pdf?dl=0

  2. Opinions differ on how essential these sorts of functions are, as serialism is not really in vogue these days. I think it’s on the development list, but probably not high up.

  3. Agree, and has been discussed.

  4. Quite achievable currently! Marquee is only one way of selecting, and not the way that you should typically use. You can read more about selection on page 18 of the link I posted above. Here are a couple common ones:

  • Select to End of Flow (can assign to key command)
  • Click on a bar to select, and shift-click for a range
  • Click and Ctrl-click to select multiple elements
  • Use the system track to select everything in a range of bars.