Feature Update Request: Casting Off

Hi Dorico Team,
Would you all please consider either adding an option in the menu, or simply by default, ignoring the anacrusis when using the automatic cast off feature? If I select, 4 bars for the auto-casting, for instance, it only ever gives 3 on the first line, even if the anacrusis is just 1 beat. I often then end up with 1 orphaned bar at the end of the score. If the algorithm simply ignored pickup beats or allowed users to choose, I think this would improve the function.

As always, thanks for considering!

That’s a good point – I will make a note of it. In the meantime, you should find things get straightened out if you do Make Into System on the first four full bars plus the anacrusis: the fixed casting off will resume and keep going as you hopefully expect from the second system onwards.

Thank you. It is quick to fix in the meantime so it’s no rush.