feature wish: "comments" and marking of passage

I miss (or haven’t found yet) the ability to mark a passage or insert a comment field.
I checked the HELP for “comments” and “marking” without result.
Any idea? I basically want to drop some info to get back to it later.

There’s no specific feature for this. You might consider creating a new paragraph style (with a specific font, size and colour?) and using that for comments. If you Save As Default it’ll be available in all projects, and you’ll be able to assign a keyboard shortcut to it.

ok nice paragraph-workaround on the comments - but it’s still a feature wish.
I just keep my fingers crossed the include it in future versions.

btw. my D2 crashed after creating a new Paragraph Style :unamused:

Before or after setting the new style as Default?

Dorico doesn’t generally crash wne creating paragraph styles. If you’d like us to investigate the problem, please try to reproduce it again and see if you can pin down a set of steps that triggers the problem consistently. You should also make sure you’ve followed the steps outlined in the FAQ thread to ensure that your copy of Dorico creates dump files when it crashes; then you can use Help > Create Diagnostic Report to collect together diagnostic data that we can look at.

can’t reproduce.