Feature wish: Filter fingerings

Would save time and clicks especially when a shortcut can be set for this.

What do you want to do with the fingerings once you’ve selected them? If you want to e.g. remove them, then filtering for notes and chords is sufficient, since that will ensure that the Fingering properties appear.

If I could filter them in engrave mode and would get the properties panel in the middle of the screen I could change the properties much faster then at the moment. Especially when I need change inside or outside the slur.

I would like to filter fingering so that I can copy and paste it to similar figures. Is this feature going to be available soon?

It’s not something you should expect in the near future, no.

Hi, just found this post – I just want to remove fingerings from a passage of around 15 bars. I tried filtering for notes and chords (even in the correct voice) but found it doesn’t work if the passage includes grace notes. Can this be fixed? Thanks


I’ve run into this in the past… Regular notes and grace notes aren’t treated equally by Dorico… I’m not sure from the top of my head if you can filter for grace and normal notes separately.


Once you have filtered notes and chords, and with the selection still active, change the filter to “deselect only” and then filter the grace notes.

You may also need to filter deselect tuplets (which remain selected - by design - when you filter notes).

Thanks everyone for the quick responses. Yes, I know about the deselect filters, but would be useful to know if it’s going to be improved in a later version, as the grace notes actually had fingerings on them too, and I’m sure I’ll be dealing with tuplets before long, so it’s a bit of a workaround.

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The fingering/grace note/selection issue complex is actually something that I wrestled with before as well.
An option to include grace notes along with regular notes when filtering/selecting would be most helpful.


Please add one more to the requestors for copying/pasting fingerings. I’m working on guitar method materials and it would be a timesaver, e.g., copying and pasting where the same fingering pattern applies to a new string set. Thanks!