Features for sound design (Clip envelopes)

Hi there,

It would be great to be able to draw curves per clip for audio related properties (e.g Transpose, Grain Size, Volume / Fades) -
similar to how MIDI curves are bound to a clip.

Currently I do composition in Cubase and sound design in Ableton. Ableton’s ability to automate audio clip properties makes sound design very very flexible and fast workflow wise.
Ideally, I’d like Cubase to be the one ring to rule them all :slight_smile:

Cubase already provides online realtime Tranpose, Grain Size and basic Fade in / Fade Out options per clip - enhancing this by adding a panel similar to how the MIDI editor for Velocity, Modulation etc works would be great. I’d picture it going underneath the waveform in the Sample Editor.

I’ve attached a very rough mock-up of how I reckon it could look.