Features from other DAWs to cubase i would like to have

some features i’d like to see in Cubendo from other DAWs,with gif files example

first link Protools,
1:option to show insert,send,io volume-pan controls on each channel on the project window
2:gain automation on the event/clip,( no need to cut the event like in cubase to change gain)( its like the pencil tool in cubase but advanced)
3:fade in/out curves are adjustable directly on the event

Studio one :A
1:plugin window with tabbed plugins on it,that follows track selection,so much less clicks when mixing or navigating through channels !
2:moving tracks within the mix console
3:changing track colors of multiple tracks in mixer (maybe its done already in cubase 10/5 ? )

Studio one : B
1:midi notes in editor, i asked for this feature few years ago in cubase forums, but seems presonus listens :wink: … so here it is
adjust selected midi notes end and start point,like shown in the gif.

what else ?
1:range tool in key/drum editor
2:i like the scratch pad idea of Studio one and its arranger section for moving parts in the song S1-083 The Incredible Scratch Pad - YouTube
3:Gapless audio-well in cubase its all over unfortunately,not even with plugin insertion,but also with adding tracks,adding send to track etc…
it’s a mandatory for modern DAW now,most of the serious Daws overcome this.
hope to see it implemented in cubase 11,nuendo 10.5

I miss something similar to Studio One’s Pipeline XT or Logic X’s I/O Plugin for handling external instruments and effects.


This is the absolute #1 thing I’d like to see - from working in PT I find that once you set your initial levels in the main mixer, you can then pretty much work in the project window for the rest of a mix.

Obviously if you’re working on your main studio machine with multiple displays, this maybe isn’t such a big thing, but if you’re out and about on a laptop, this would be massive.

And obviously SB’s response would be “yeah, but you’ve got the lower zone” but it’s really not the same thing at all.

What I really like… If you look carefully, you can actually see the Automation lines being edited…! In Cubase, they are ‘wispy’ and fragile and delicate and almost invisible… they must be about 2 pixels thick; even the shading denoting the ‘area’ of the curve below the line… may as well not be there at all… unless you are using very bright primary colours.

inserts, sends, pan and vol in track header - my no.1 PT feature I miss in Cubase (also no.1 in current C10.5 feedback survey, so you can vote - I did)
no.2 is clip gain control in PT without cutting clip (why to cut?)

A while ago I did some mockups… :slight_smile:

here’s a thread

I’d like to have the Mixer from Mixbus 32C in Cubase…awesome… :slight_smile:

This is very much the way I’d like things to look - only thing missing is pan control, but there’d be room for a knob/slider beside the volume fader. Would be a massive time / click saver!

With many of us now working on large 4k primary displays, the “but it would take up too much screen space” really isn’t that valid an argument anymore. Surely adding these extra elements in as options can’t be that hard?

Track stacks from Logic Pro X please. :ok_hand:

Imho having folders which are automatically submixes can be really a mess when dealing with lots of tracks (100+).
I am so glad Cubase manages folders as they are now. In this regard Cubase is way ahead of other DAWs.
Being able to put your audio/midi tracks in folders wherever you want in a project separated from groups is pure gold.

And for routing: take Cubase’ control room, nothing like that can be found on other daws.

What really would be a gamechanger is the

  • plugin tab view and
  • customizable track panels (inserts/volume/pan)

like the OP suggested. BTW:
Here are some feature requests about that. Would help if you leave your comment there:

3:fade in/out curves are adjustable directly on the event

if I am not mistaken that is already possible? double click on the fade in the event and you can modify the curve

Ok, but the volume fader should be horizontal, not vertical, to be useable also for smaller track heights… and there should be a panner control too, it could be a knob to save space. And 2 columns for both inserts and sends takes too much space, 1 column each should be enough.

Edit: an alternative could be value fields with popup-faders, as in Pro Tools.
Pros: takes little space, bigger faders in right directions. Cons: less visual. There should be faders for visual indication.

Pro Tools seems to have a very good layout for this, a section with one column for insert, one for sends and one for I/O including vol/pan.

Very nice, all of it; 1, 2 and 3. Quick and convenient, saves a lot of clicks!

1: The I/O column could have room for both value and a small horizontal fader for both volume and pan for better visual indication.
The section should of course be optional. Maybe also the individual columns.

There could still be controls for vol/pan to setup separately for the track header section if that’s all you want, for minimal space.

I don’t know, I’m always 50/50 when it comes to this stuff and sometime I feel like I actually prefer Steinbergs approach of, less is more for the mind.

I really feel like Cubase is decluttered and sort of an open canvas compared to other program

Do we need more track header controls when we can pop up the bottom mixer which is selection sync’d?

Why not just open up the bottom mixer?

I sort of like having less to look at and just listen, and popup what I need when I need it. The more you add, the smaller everything has to get.

of course it should be customizable, it’s a choice and view presets can be used to toggle

sometimes having choices is a distraction

and having choices = more code = more bugs = more time not spent developing other things

how much of anything do we need to do a good job

but like I said, I’m 50/50.

A deterministic transport function like they the one in Cubase8.

Because the bottom mixer does not display inserts and sends at the same time as volume/pan. And in addition it takes away vertical space, of which we have much less than horizontal space nowadays. Even more so if you have ultrawidescreen monitors imho.
Putting the lower zone mixer in the left zone and rotate it by 90° to line up the mixconsole with the tracks would be my approach.

I totally second that!!