Features from other DAWs to cubase i would like to have

Imho having folders which are automatically submixes can be really a mess when dealing with lots of tracks (100+).
I am so glad Cubase manages folders as they are now. In this regard Cubase is way ahead of other DAWs.
Being able to put your audio/midi tracks in folders wherever you want in a project separated from groups is pure gold.

And for routing: take Cubase’ control room, nothing like that can be found on other daws.

What really would be a gamechanger is the

  • plugin tab view and
  • customizable track panels (inserts/volume/pan)

like the OP suggested. BTW:
Here are some feature requests about that. Would help if you leave your comment there:

3:fade in/out curves are adjustable directly on the event

if I am not mistaken that is already possible? double click on the fade in the event and you can modify the curve