Tabbed Windows For VSTs & VSTis

A repeat of the request in the Cubase 9 Feature Request forum…

Please add an option for tabbed VST and VSTi windows a la Studio One. This allows a user to move from one effect or instrument to another with fewer mouse clicks. It speeds up the editing of instrument and effects settings and I much prefer it to Cubase’s current workflow.

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It avoids a lot of floating plugin windows (which is in line with the newer window management from C9 and onwards).

Here’s a video about tabbed plugin windows in Studio One:

As in SO, it should still be possible to pin a tabbed window to have more than one, if desired.

It would also be good if there would be an optional possibility to make the tabbed window follow track selection (and then have the plugins automatically exchanged to the new track selection). It could be a toggle button directly on the tabbed window. That would be better than a preference, since that choice could vary a lot depending on the situation.

Edit: and key commands to switch between tabs back and forth, to avoid using the mouse.



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Please do not forget about that!


This is a no brainer and should have been there since the beginning. It is one of the biggest workflow killers IMO in mixing. The channel editor with channel strip essentially behaves like this but without the ‘pin’ feature.

+1. It’s got to be coming next.

Not sure if it would be a good idea to implement in the channel editor. But lets think about how that could be done.
An idea could be to put a 3rd tab in the middle of the channel editor (where now the channel strip/EQ are), where every opened plugin per track gets displayed. So if you open a plugin window of a particular track, on the left you always see the inserts, and on the right all the sends. And if you want to display the EQ or the Channelstrip you change tab in the middle.
Like that:
But then it would be necessary to also be able to hide certain elements on the channel settings view, and make it scalable. Like Sends, Fader. Just make it more customizable. And everytime you open a plugin window the channel settings window should be opened, otherwise this would not have any sense at all.
But if you compare that to the Studio One approach it also uses more screen space. Not sure what to think about that. If its nice or not, what would you say?


The window would need to automatically re-size for each plugin as you tab through, so I don’t think it would work within the channel editor. I was just pointing out the ‘chase selected channel’ behavior. I also think for backwards compatibility sake that this needs to be an selectable option in preferences. If users like the old way to open each plugin individually then that should be an option.

Well if you’d make the channel editor resizable than this should be possible…
You would of course need to do some changes at the channel editor itself as well.

Nobody wrote that. No, it would not be a good idea, it doesn’t make sense.
It would just complicate things; giving a busier view, taking more space, and the need to make adaptions of the channel editor.

The plugin window should be a simple separate window.

Hmm, maybe. The scenario is that someone wants to open several plugins side by side, instead of tabbing them. On the other hand, you could open them as several tabbed plugin windows side by side.
But if so, and/or using a modifier key to open that way temporarily, without the need to switch preference.
But I’m not sure it’s really necessary at all.

All fair points. I just want the tabbed implementation that follows track selection. With pinable Windows. This works very well in S1.