Features I want back from 8.5

I had a great spot for my transport and was happy. Is there an option to turn off the new transport section at the bottom? Or give us a “Time Display” device without the white header.

When I open the inspector or the Left Zone as it is now called, I want a key command back to toggle the visibility section of the left zone. If this has moved please let me know where to find it.

F2 gives you your old transport bar, you can turn of below

just click the little down arrow (left to the settings wheel) in the upper right corner of Cubase main window
and disable “transport” to hide it from the bottom.

I think it’s cmd+alt+arrow on a Mac (probably ctrl+alt+arrow on a PC?) to switch between the sections of the left and right zones. Not 100% sure and can’t test it, since I’m not at my Mac right now.

Thank you

So I turned off the transport at the bottom and put my transport in the upright again where it was before 9. Now when I press decimal on the number pad (key command for “Enter Project Cursor Position”) It does not work unless I make the transport the top window by clicking on it. I would like this to work again as I am not using a laptop but have a 30" monitor and do not want to loose the screen space at the bottom of my screen.

Or give me the option to put everything on top or the bottom. Everything I need will fit in one or the other. I want my project space back.

I made a feature request for just that: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=252&t=107879

I can’t express how happy i was when i discovered what Ilmeri is showing.