features I would like to see in Cubase 8 update...


1- Punches and Streamers:
Digital Performer has it for film composers… I would like to see it in Cubase.

2- See markers while in MIDI editor
Instead of closing the Editor to see the markers…it will be much faster while composing for non-keyboard players…I add everything with the mouse based on the music harmony and theory knowledge.

3- The ability to edit MIDI tracks
EQ, Sends, Inserts, …etc

4- Enlarge the scroll bars
instead of being tiny dots…and when I scroll in cubase, it jumps 10000 measure to the right or left…there is no “weight” to the scroll bar (Horizontally)

5- Close at once
And I miss it when Cubase 7.5 used to close at once- Why should I exit twice in Cubase 8?

6- Formula for large orchestral templates
Cubase lags with third party VSTs. When saving/ closing projects. Please Steinburg, consider composers who setup large orchestral templates, and try to create some formulas that remove the lagging and increase performance… Don’t just improve Cubase for electronic composers who use 15 audio tracks.

7- Navigating instruments inside MIDI editor
Again, for large orchestral templates… Let us consider I am MIDI-editing a piccolo flute (which is placed on top of the template), then I want to edit the Cellos…that are situated in the bottom of the template…Instead of closing the MIDI editor and scrolling for 30 sec, I would like to see the feature where I navigate inside the MIDI editor…It will be much faster.

Thank you

Use Quit instead of Close. Quit closes both the project & Cubase.

And I want to add:

8- Full screen mode:

Because the task-bar is very distracting- the eyes keep drawing unintentionally towards it. Because of the contrast (of both value and hues of the icons)